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I use Adobe Photoshop 7 and I don't know if it's easily translated into Psp or any other programs.
When I'm describing what I'm doing, I'll link to a screenshot of what I'm talking about which will open in a new window.

Okay, so this is a tutorial, as requested, on how to go
from this to this
Now, this is my first time creating a tutorial, so if it gets confusing, sorry.

01. Okay, so I started out using a cap by [livejournal.com profile] numbercinco of Sayid and I've all ready cropped it how I wanted it. Now I duplicate the base, which I always do just in case I mess up and need to start over, and I use Filter=>Sharpen=>Unsharp Mask using these settings: Amount: 30% Radius: 61.0 pixels Threshold: 7 levels

02. Next, go to Filter=>Sharpen=>Sharpen and it'll sharpen the image up. current image

03. Now, on the layers palette, click on the half black/half white circle on the bottom and choose levels. (that circle's used to create adjustment layers, quite handy) Now, use these settings: Input Levels: [0] [2.34] [255]

04. Yes, it's looking a bit wonky, but we'll fix that up now by going back to the half black/half white circle and choose Brightness/Contrast this time. Use settings: Brightness: -23 Contrast: +30

05. Next, back to the half black/half white circle and choose Hue/Saturation and use settings: Hue: 0 Saturation: -13 Lightness: 0

06. Half black/half white circle and choose Curves this time. Settings: Channel: Blue Input: 140 Output: 117 (if they aren't letting you type anything in input and output, just click anywhere on the line and you should then be able to type the correct numbers in)

07. Yep, it's looking better and we're done with the adjustment layers. But now, go back to the layer we used Unsharp Mask and Sharpen on. Duplicate it and use the setting Radius: 1.2 pixels

08. With the blurred layer selected, press Ctrl + Alt + ~. Parts of the icon should be selected. Once it is, go back to the bottom of the layers palette and click the square with the circle inside of it. That layer in your palette should now look like this:

09. Set the masked blurred layer to Linear Dodge with Opacity: 69%

10. Next, I create a new layer above all the others and applied my own graph pattern that I made. I applied it to this black square so everyone can see it. You can dL it as a .PAT if you'd like to use it here the pattern
So I set the layer with my pattern to Overlay, Opacity: 19%

11. Then I do a simple 1 pixel border around everything on a new layer.

12. Another new layer and I use this gradient which I believe is a default one from Adobe. Well, I set that layer to Soft Light with Opacity 49%

13. Finally, I decide I want text. So I type the word hustler in Arial Black font size 4.17 with tracking set to 346 All Caps and anti alias to crisp.

And now the finish product:

how your layers palette should look like after everything

So yeah, remember this might not work for all icons and you should fiddle with all the settings to get the effect you're looking for. Also, this tutorial is just a guide, not a hard manual on how you should make every single icon from now on. Remember people, Icon Variety is Love XD
Okay then, I hope I haven't confused you all terribly. If I have, just comment and I'll see if I can iron things out.

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